Blackout Curtains and Blinds

Control the quality of your sleep


What are blackout curtains ?

Blackout curtains blinds or blackout linings are all designed for one thing and that is to prevent as much light passing through them as possible to help you control the light levels in your room.

To all intents and purposes they look and feel the same as standard curtains but the tight woven material is designed to block external light from entering the bedroom or living room etc.

Better quality sleep

Fitting an elegant set of blackout curtains to your bedroom could bring you a major improvement in the quality and quantity of your sleep it has been long known by the medical world that one of the contributory factors of waking from sleep is that when blue light (daylight type light) passes through the thin membrane we call an eyelid that this stimulates us from our slumber and we start to wake, now when you combine this with all the light pollution that we have in our towns and cities and we start to realise that our are lives are not as dark as nature intended.

So by adding a set of blackout curtains to your life you can have some control over the amount and the quality of sleep that you get.

Ideal for bedrooms on well lit roads and streets, children’s bedrooms people working night shifts or those of us who are sensitive sleepers etc.

Blackout curtains can also offer better thermal insulation and can help with noise reduction.

All of our high quality curtain fabrics that we offer can be manufactured as blackout curtains.